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We are a team of Health Experts offering programs in Preventative Healthcare and Wellness for people all ages. Building strength, confidence and resilience through a variety of holistic exercise programs while harmonizing our Mind, Body and Souls

About Us




Jay R. Sivan

I discovered the 'Wudang Tradition', when I first started learning Martial Arts, in Europe of 2012. I immediately fell in love with this ancient practice of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Qi Gong, and realized this Wudang Style was 'the style' I was wanting to learn my entire life. Since then, it had always been a dream of mine to visit the famous Wudang Mountain, in China, to go deeper into this training.

I made the leap of faith in January of 2018, and ended up spending nearly two years at the Wudang Daoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy, of the San Feng Lineage.

I'm happy to be back in Canada, with the opportunity to spread this teaching, and look forward to our time together.

Vibhati Sharma

I am an adaptive and motivated Yoga professional. With the guidance of my teachers, peers and mother nature I bring unique sense of awareness to each of my class through meditation,
pranayama and asanas based on Ashtanga Principles. My aim is to have my students leave each class feeling relaxed and refreshed.
My teaching style provokes thoughts and meanings, to move bodies with more power and grace at the same time, to gain sense of connection, steadiness and inspiration.
I have conducted workshops and classes on experiential and color yoga for children, focusing on mental health, sharpening mind and exploring creativity.


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Physical Relief Wellness Studio

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